Web Usage Statement

Buy samples before bulk ordering.
Pictures look good. So when you see the actual samples in hand you get to know what the difference is and all the more you can check the quality of paper, printing, etc. as well size of the card.

Few Designs look identical on various websites with a reasonable price difference. In this case, it is suggestible you buy samples from both the sites and compare the printing, finishing, and quality of cards and then take a decision on the final purchase.

Check if total sample order cost (cost of samples) is adjustable in bulk order or not. People keep a small note for the maximum amount of sample cost that will be adjusted in bulk order as well as they sometimes put a binding for Minimum amount for bulk order to get sample cost adjustment.

Most sites do not provide with matching rsvp cards with envelopes as well as do not make add on items in matching with the main invitation you choose to order. So check if they provide for matching add on cards or not.

Check for Infrastructure of the company you are planning to deal with!
We have an in-house designing unit with qualified designers, proofing operators, in-house printing and packing unit. But do other companies have such infrastructure? Do they add new designs regularly on their website?

Most of the sites do not cater to Customization. They sell product ‘as is’ without any change.
So if you are looking for some customization check with the company first and then go ahead with your order.

Good quality printing is a must. Printing cost varies from company to company. People charge less and provide with Single color printing with poor quality. Insist on printing in 2 colors as Logos’ in Gold/Silver or any metallic color and text in more readable/ visible color in matching with the main card you have chosen. Printing gives grace to the card. Good card and bad printings render everything fruitless.

Check for the response time of the site and experience in handling the overseas job.
It must be competent enough to handle international clients. Experience in the field of making wedding cards also count.

Do not fall for too cheap copies and stuff. Most people regret once they get the goods in hand.

Beware of false claims as to the number of designs on the website, a number of customers satisfied and originality of the designs. The best way is to buy samples.

See customer comments. They give a good idea of the work style of the Company.