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An Islamic marriage also called Nikaah, is a combination of rich customs, traditions, and rituals. Each ritual has its own meaning and often takes place in the presence of close friends and family who will testify to the couple’s holy union. Our Muslim wedding cards are a faithful reflection of the rich traditions and customs of Islam. Let Indian Wedding Card have the honor to announce your next Nikaah to the world!

Preparations for the wedding ceremony begin with the sending of an Islamic wedding invitation to the guests. As a result, each card is artistically designed and represents the patterns, symbols, colors, and textures that are synonymous with Islamic marriages.

Varieties of Islamic wedding cards:

Laser cut: Muslim wedding invitations with laser cut are precisely designed for an elegant look. Available in different models.
Door Style: Nikah Islamic open-door style invitation cards are unique and give a superior feel.
Banana Leaf: The leaf style cards are green and look like a banana leaf. A good option for Muslim wedding invitations.
Round Shape: Islamic round wedding cards can be a good option to stand out.

Furthermore, Our Muslim wedding invitation cards have a spiritual and real quality about them. We have one of the largest selections of Nikaah cards, ranging from simple designs with religious motifs or a printed Quran verse to something more luxurious and opulent, such as the designs of the Mughal period.

Because every wedding ceremony has its own importance. In Islam, marriage is considered a very good opportunity and it is, therefore, necessary to choose the best Muslim wedding cards for the guests.

At Indian Wedding Market, we can help you find the perfect wedding card for your Nikaah.

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