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When did you last receive a scroll invitation? Not so long ago, right? The wedding invitations that parade are one of the finest types of Indian wedding invitations. The real touch and the elegance of the rollers make them very attractive. For those who like to add real elements to their wedding, parchments are the best option for them. A parchment is essentially a roll of paper with a message. They are one of the first forms of communication. We all remember that we read about Farman in the time of the kings. Modern parchment invitations are only an adaptation of this Farman.

Scroll Wedding Invitation

Scroll wedding invitation
The roles can only be to create a dramatic and real impact on your wedding. You can also include roles in other parts of the wedding, including RSVP cards, gift bags, menu cards, and more.

Choose the right type of scrolling invitation:
The rolls are in different colors and designs. Scroll boxes are one of the most popular types of rolls. The finesse and style of these invitations will forever be etched in the minds of everyone. For our guests, roles can be added to their collection of unique souvenirs.

While selecting scroll invites, you can consider the follow

When selecting scrolling invitations, you can take the following factors into accounting factors:

The scrolls are found in a variety of colors and designs. Scroll invitation boxes are one of the most popular types of scrolls. The delicacy and style of these invitations will be etched forever in everyone’s mind. For our guests, scrolls can be an addition to their collection of unique souvenirs.

Colors: the rolls can be beautiful in almost any color. One of the most popular tones is gold, red, silver, forest green, and purple hues. For a more personal touch, you can combine the color of the parchment with the theme of your wedding or wedding dress.
Theme: Try to associate the theme of your wedding to determine the theme of your card. If your wedding takes place in a hotel, you can opt for velvet scroll invitations. In the same way, you can choose manuscripts on medieval themes if your wedding takes place in a mansion or palace.
Material: The rolls are available in different materials: silk, satin, velvet, handmade paper, wood and cardboard. You can also add ornaments on rolls, such as amulets, bows, rhinestones, precious and semi-precious stones, acorns, etc.
Drawing style: your drawing style depends on the style of your scrolling invitation. For modern scrolls, you can use digital printing or typed fonts. For a traditional wedding, calligraphy and manuscripts are more elegant.
scroll wedding card
Clearance: The Scroll wedding invitation is becoming popular nowadays. The modernization of weddings is the main reason for including unique wedding invitations and other items.

scroll wedding card


The Scroll wedding invitation is becoming popular these days. The modernization of weddings is the main reason for the inclusion of unique wedding invitations and other elements.

When it comes to asking for invitations to scroll for your wedding, you really don’t have to think about it too much. They are available in different variants and color combinations. Scrolls can increase the size of your wedding. You can make it more special by using unique ornaments, bright colors, calligraphy, etc. You can also choose other variations, such as small parchments for thank you cards, box rolls, fabric rolls, themed parchments, wooden rolls, etc.


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